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Scale g040604wf003 drawn mie checked sheet 3 of 257. Sea transport documents act act 65 of 2000 published in government gazette vol. Scale g040604wf003 drawn mie checked sheet 228 of 257. The 2000 act requires the operator of a bus service to provide the statutory minimum to any person holding a statutory travel concession permit. Transport act 2000 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 17 april 2020. The passenger transport act 2000 is a dutch law with provisions covering urban and regional transport, private bus transport including day trips and taxis in the netherlands. Enforcement of charging schemes is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 01 may 2020. Authorised by the act parliamentary counselalso accessible at. Road transport vehicle registration act 1999 including any amendment made under the. Road transport vehicle registration regulation 2000. It also includes any commencement, amendment, repeal or expiry affecting this republished law to. Road traffic the road traffic act ministry of justice. There are changes that may be brought into force at a future date. Legislation repeals and amendments act 2019 2019 no 59.

This guidance is not a substitute for the transport act 2000, the transport scotland act 2001, or the competition act 1998, and it is not a defi nitive interpretation of the law. Words underlined with a solid line indicate insertions in existing enactments. It provided for a number of measures regarding transport in great britain, most notably, the first major change in the structure of the privatised railway system established under the railways act 1993. Land transport act 1998 no 110 as at 02 january 2020. Section 70 of the transport act section 70 of the transport act 2000 places the caa under a general duty in relation to its air navigation functions to exercise those functions so as to maintain a high standard of safety in the provision of air traffic services.

Revised legislation carried on this site may not be fully up to date. Schedule 12 of the transport act 2000, parts 2 and 6 of the road user charging schemes penalty charges, adjudication and enforcement england regulations 20, and of all other powers enabling it in that behalf, hereby makes the following order. We are the leading resource for freely available legislation in south africa and are used daily by thousands of professionals and industry leaders. Repeal of provisions relating to authorised officers of the public transport corporation section 100 of the transport act 1983 is. With acts you are guaranteed the latest and most up to date resource for your legislative needs. This act contains certain provisions indicating how travelers should conduct themselves when traveling using public transport. That duty is to have priority over the caas other duties in this area of work. National land transport transition act south african. Authority act 1999 transport act 2000 the deposited plans as defined in article 1h of the schedule to the order greater london low emission zone charging order 2006 revision. Prohibition to use commercial motor cars except under carriers 79. This act may be cited as the transport busway and light rail amendment act 2000. There are outstanding changes not yet made by the legislation. Oft393 pdf, 176kb, 28 pages this file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Changes that have been made appear in the content and are referenced with annotations.

Notification under itamendment act, 2008 it amendment act 20082. Discretion of licensing authority to grant or to refuse carriers 83. Transport act 2000 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 05 february 2020. The direct vision standard and hgv safety permit enforcement zone shown shaded blue job title drawing the deposited plans zone plan direct vision standard and hgv safety permit scale 0 drawng no. It should be read in conjunction with the legislation. Now, therefore, transport for london, in exercise of the powers conferred on it by sections 295 and 4201 of the greater london authority act 1999, by schedule 23 to that act, and of all other powers.

Land transport wheel clamping amendment act 2019 2019 no 70. Amended by crossborder road transport amendment act 12 of 2008 from 27 aug 2008. This article is within the scope of wikiproject trains, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to rail transport on wikipedia. This act, other than section 39, commences on a day to be fixed by proclamation. Acts online provides legislation, including amendments and regulations, in an intuitive, online format.

To provide for the establishment of the transportation commission of namibia. Legal succession to the south african transport services act, 1989 act 9 of 1989 national railway safety regulator act, 2002 act 16 of 2002 invitation for comments on the draft railway safety bill. The purpose of this order is to make amendments to scottish planning legislation to take account of the provisions in part 1 of the transport act 2000 the 2000 act. Road traffic and transport act 22 of 1999 namibia legal. Scale g040604wf003 drawn mie checked sheet 204 of 257 g060245add204 title. Guidance to local authorities on assessing eligibility of. Transport act 2000 the 2000 act and within london by sections 240 to 244 of, and schedule 16 to, the greater london authority act 1999 the 1999 act. The transport act 2000 and the transport scotland act 2001. The current national railway byelaws were made in 2005 by statutory instrument under section 219 of the transport act 2000. To regulate the position of certain documents relating to the carriage of goods by sea. This version of this act contains provisions that are prospective. Transport act 2000, section 70 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 14 may 2020. This act may be cited as the interstate transportation of dangerous criminals act of 2000 or jeannas act.

Assented to 5 december 2000 commencement date 20 june 2003 english text signed by the president act. If you want a travel permit because you have one of the following disabilities, you must provide the appropriate evidence which is explained below. Land transport management regional fuel tax amendment act 2018 2018 no 15. National land transport act 5 of 2009 south african. Schedule amendments of schedules 23 and 24 to greater london authority act.

The examples or illustrations in this guidance should not be taken as guidance as to the extent of any legal. The transport act 2000 allows people with specific disabilities to receive travel concessions on local bus services. The aim of this act is to implement the governments strategy for an integrated transport policy as set out in the white paper a new deal for transport. Motor vehicles and road traffic act chapter 230 revised edition 2000 showing the law as at 31st december, 2000 this is a revised edition of the law, prepared by the law revision commissioner under the authority of the law revision act, chapter 3 of the laws of belize, revised edition 1980 1990. Authority act 1999 transport act 2000 the deposited plans as defined in article 1h of the schedule to the order signed by authority of transport for london charging order 2006 greater london low emission zone charging variation order 2007 sheet 3 modified g060245add053. Information technology act 2000 ministry of electronics. Section 1 road transport heavy vehicles registration charges amendment act 2000 no 68 page 2 the legislature of new south wales enacts.

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