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The golf gti clubsport s is the most powerful ever version of the golf gti and was built to celebrate 40 years of the iconic hot hatchback. This disc is not only the fastest, but also the most wind and torque resistant driver innova makes. I use this disc for long range straight, stable driver and longer turn over shots, it also makes a great long distance roller. But what makes the world record holding discs so special, and can they help you improve your game in this analysis well detail each of the current world record holding discs, explain what features allow them to perform at such a high level, and help define whether. If i need a more stable disc for the wind, or if i need it to finish more to the left, ill choose the stalker as my fairway driver. We hold discs from innova, discraft, latitude 64, whamo and other manufacturers. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from where the previous throw landed, until the target is reached. It is an easy to learn disc golf driver and in lighter weights will give newer players extra distance. Longest throw to a dog with a dog disc super hero 97 yards skyhoundz world record longest throw with a mini disc innova 41g mini driver 122. Oct 27, 2014 the record setting disc was a 157gram blizzard boss. A small but dedicated talent base of golfers populate the world of longdrive, with the top talent competing professionally in various events and exhibitions. When planning a wholesale disc golf purchase, buyers often forget about discrafts best seller of all time. Todays fast paced world has us all looking for shortcuts. Noone on record has hit a ball further in a tournament.

I am pretty new to disc golf but i played a lot of ultimate and was a baseball player. As of now paul slater holds the record for the longest distance, 470. Official flying disc world records world flying disc federation. Teebird the choice of top pros for deadly accuracy. Check out all the latest information on the aerobie pro, sprint, orbiter, skylighter, dogobie and others. Welcome to fresno flight center a disc golf retailer. A record that had stood untouched for nearly a decade. Distance of the longest driven golf ball the physics factbook. Ss elite known as maximum distance driver for reason, as it is highly stable and allows s flights, its weight ranges from 160g174g and rim is extra wide 2. It is no wonder this innova disc is an excellent choice.

Innova disc golf pro shop champion boss the choice of. Offering the highest quality and most dependable discs in disc golf, whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro in need a new putter or the newest distance driver, weve got you covered. The blizzard boss is the farthest flying disc on the market today. Best disc golf distance drivers infinite discs blog. Disc golf world tour will not return to the pro disc golf circuit in 2019. We are committed to offering the best customer service possible. Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest disc golf world records and videos. Valkyrie star discs innova disc golfonline retailer. Brinster won the 20 united states disc golf championship, beers won the 2017 memorial championship, and rahmani set a world record for womens distance at 531. Long drive is a competitive sport where success is derived by hitting a golf ball the farthest by driving. Average drive distance you step up to a fresh tee on a hole that is anything you want it to be and you can use any disc you like could be ideal conditions for your throw style, a real course near your house, or just chucking a disc as far as you can out into a field without hurting yourself. Aerobie discs, flying rings, pro, frisbees and more.

Innova viper dx disc golf driver 2012 the viper dx broke the world distance record three times. When i retired a disc from playing golf, they became my dogs favorite toys and were indestructible. The current world record for a throw with a distance driver stands at 1108 feet 338 metres. Dx valkyrie, innova stable distance disc golf driver. Simon launched an innova mini driver 527 crushing the old record by over. What happens when a former world record distance holder throws a baron.

Mar 29, 2016 the world flying disc federation is the international sports federation responsible for world governance of flying disc frisbee sports, including ultimate, beach ultimate, disc golf. The record setting disc was a 157gram blizzard boss. Complements of its incredible speed and glide, i used it to throw a mens distance world record of 836 feet. It is available in a wide range of weights which makes it a great choice for players of all skill levels. Innova boss blizzard champion distance driver disc golf disc. Simon lizotte born 1992 is a german professional disc golfer. The short cut many seek for disc golf distance is, you guessed it, buying a magical disc that will leap out of our hand and fly forever. A dead straight fairway driver that has been called a buzzz on roids. This disc golf driver is recommended for experienced players. New world record professional disc golf association. The innova boss is a truly a world record breaking disc. David wiggins jr, an innova team member holds the world distance record for the farthest throw in 2016.

Bbc news why has the longest golf drive record not been broken. The game of golf is played on open green grass called a golf course. Those are the nominees for the infinite discs best disc golf disc. Xs, distance driver, null the xs is one of our most popular models, and was the 2001 world distance record holder at 712 feet. Things to consider when you are choosing a golf disc. Bbc news why has the longest golf drive record not been. This will be a great fairway driver in the woods where accuracy really matters. He has been noted for holding the disc golf distance world record on several. The 8 most popular professional disc golf discs best disc. Whether you are new to disc golf, want to purchase discs as a gift, or just want to know more about specific discs, our online guide will. This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. When it returned to earth, spotters confirmed the disc had traveled 836 255m and had broken the world distance record. It was a 450 yard par 4 so he will have ended up more than 50 yards past the green.

Dynamic discs carries a full line of disc golf discs alongside latitude 64 and westside discs. I buy stuff here all the time, 14 discs, a target, which by the way is a musty if you have kids, 2 disc tourney bags. The world flying disc federation is the international sports federation. Distance drivers avery jenkins disc golf world champion. World record deadlift attempt by thor bjornsson live.

Most golf courses consist of eighteen holes, but some have nine. Its easily my go to distance driver, especially on a wide open fairway. This is a stable flying distance driver with a good degree of high speed turn and fade. I can sidearm this disc about 400 feet on a pea rod with some slight fade to the right sidearm is opposite fade at the end of the drive. About rob frisbee rob mcleod rob mcleod frisbee rob. A used disc could be launched into the woods countless times and survive tree hits, dogs playing tugofwar, dogs chewing the discs etc. Lots of customers will grab one to use for ultimate or as a recreational catch disc, and give your store disc sports cred. Jan 20, 2018 the 8 most popular professional disc golf discs posted on january 20, 2018 december, 2018 by bart bird site manager weve looked into the bags of the top 15 professional disc golf players as ranked by the professional disc golf association, or pdga to find the discs most commonly used by the best players in the world. The innova dx valkyrie is a stable distance driver and has great glide. How to choose golf discs for beginners discraft disc golf.

Carter ahrens is the reigning mj12 pdga long drive world champion, and decided hed be going after david wiggins, jr. It is wellknown for stability and grip, as well as durability. That is exactly what youll get with the new discmania neo essencethe latest fairway driver in the evolution line. It was achieved by david wiggins jr with an innova rpro boss driver disc. Discraft threepack driver, midrange, putter discraft deluxe pack two drivers, midrange, putter and disc golf bag if you prefer to handcraft your selections, below are some suggestions for various individual drivers, mids and puttapproach discs to get you started. Two world firsts the first ever ace with a disc golf uk disc and the first ace at the belfry yes that belfry. And if the disc we just bought doesnt do it for us, theres sure to be another out soon with the promise of legendary distance. The pdga is the professional association for all disc golfers and the source for disc golf courses, tournament results, and the official rules of disc golf. On 25 september 1974, a 64yearold man called mike austin is recorded to have driven a golf ball 515 yards from the tee on a las vegas golf course. Discovering the world specializes in disc golf, frisbee and custom imprinting.

Holding the unofficial world record of the longest golf drive yards. The boss currently holds the distance world record 263. Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. Carter ahrens disc golf distance record what better use of a global shutdown than to get out in a field and set some records. Starting as a small disc retailer, we have grown into an industry leader, offering exclusive products, sponsoring some of the top players in the world and hosting some of the best tournaments in the nation.

Dynamic discs started business in 2005 and has been working to grow the sport of disc golf ever since. Star wraith a very fast, ultra long range distance driver that maximizes distance shots. On friday, simon also set a new world record with his very first throw of the day. Our top picks for you are at the top of each category. Its official lizottes new world records professional disc golf. Easy to throw, especially for beginner to midlevel players. The 8 most popular professional disc golf discs best. The four numbers on a disc golf disc are a flight ratings system that represent the true characteristics of a disc golf disc as it flies through the air, including the speed, glide, turn, and fade of the disc. Disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are. Current world record holding disc golf discs posted on january 26, 2018 april 3, 2018 by bart bird site manager disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance. First distance driver, tailwind drives, downhill distance, long turnover drives, rollers. Espn makes bold move, transforms the uno to the ocho. Current 5 world record holding discs best disc golf discs. The boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade.

Lineups have included everything from kabaddi and disc golf to the tram driver championship and moxie games. And if the disc we just bought doesnt do it for us, theres sure to be another out. This disc is a more stable version of the avenger ss. Lighter weights also give players extreme range when thrown downwind, while maximum weights can give excellent upwind distance. Vw golf gti clubsport s unveiled as the fastest front. The valkyrie can be used by players of all skill levels. Team member holds the world distance record for the farthest throw in 2016. Disc selection guide innovastore disc golf online store. Disc golf bags are the number one disc golf accessory.

Nov 09, 2018 it disrupted the market with a similar flight in the now popular swedish plastic blends, and now the trespass has become a household disc golf name. How to find the best disc golf driver for distance. Disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance. One of the most popular drivers in the world, the valkyrie held the world distance record for a decade. Congratulations on setting a new world record, and putting the bar a little higher for others to shoot for. Its official lizottes new world records professional. Sep 27, 2017 placing an understable driver against an overstable driver on a flat surface will normally see the leading edge of the understable disc slide underneath the leading edge of the overstable disc. Plastic type kun once you have found the right type of disc, you can choose the plastic type. The record for the longest golf drive has stood unbeaten for 35 years and was achieved with a wooden club, so have three decades of improving golfing technology failed to make an impression. Millennium will continue to build the hyzerbomb discs brand through the manufacturing and distribution of quality golf discs and helping to support touring pros through tour series and signature series disc models. I keep one in my bag for long distance backhand drives and sidearms. David wiggins jr used a 154 gram rpro boss to set the world record 338 m 1108. Beginners guide to buying frisbee golf discs when you realize that there are hundreds of different disc golf discs with infinite variations of plastics, weights, and colors, purchasing discs online can seem overwhelming. When david was, he threw a disc 224 metres, a record which may never.

It is usually played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. I bought my first innova disc around 10 years ago and have purchased many more over the years. Ultiworld disc golf the premier news media site dedicated. The original aerobie disc, flying rings, frisbees, footballs and more.

Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own disc golf world records on. One day, i will break the world record with this disc. Deciding on the best disc golf driver can be a difficult task also. Boss blizzard champion online retailer of disc golf discs. On friday, april th, 16 year old david wiggins, jr. His throw has been confirmed as the official wfdf world record.

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